At MH Pro Tools, we wanted to create a simple solution for owners and drivers to access a complete polishing package. Easily ordered & delivered to any location at an affordable price.

We know many owners and drivers love to look after their vehicles, therefore we felt the solution was for us to put together our exclusive Air Polishing Kit.

The Air Polishing Kit plugs directly into the Vehicles red airline, providing the flexibility to run off the vehicle’s own air supply.

The Air Polishing Kit is now available with either a 5 meter hose or 10 meter hose as standard , meaning no part of the unit or trailer is inaccessible.


We source all of our components from select few high-quality UK suppliers, which we know we can rely on for quality and outstanding customer support.

Dealing closely with our suppliers for a number of years has led us to become approved stockists for Sealey Tools and an authorised distributor for PCL (Pneumatic Components Limited. )

The latest addition to our line-up has been the ZEPHYR Polish range, which we will continue to expand.


Receiving your goods on time is vital , so all orders are dispatched within 48 hours.

All orders are sent using Parcelforce UK as standard , with their 48-hour tracked door-to-door using sophisticated GPS mapping. We have been very happy with this timely recordable service.

Should you wish to upgrade to our 24-hour delivery service, we can arrange this for a small fee. Please just let us know at the time of ordering.

Commercial Recovery

Another need we identified was for our very popular complete Commercial Recovery Kit.

The Kit is Full of adapters and hoses, which makes this set priceless for a Commercial Recovery Agent to have on board, helping to reduce time spent looking to locate the correct adapter, meaning less time on the job.

Our Commercial Recovery Kits contain hoses in varying lengths and adapters to fit UK & European Vehicles – each component in this kit is available to purchase separately.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business, which has clearly led to the successful growth of MH Pro Tools – we have many repeat customers, both individual and commercial businesses.