HGV 10 Meter Black Air Hose With 1 Meter Air-tank Inflator Hose

£59.25 ex VAT (£71.10 inc VAT)

HGV 10 Meter Air Hose With Air-tank Inflator Hose
10 Meter ( 20bar ) air hose with male c coupling and 1/4 inch female quick release connector
Plus 1 Meter air hose with test point
Air-tank screw on fitting
Multi-purpose pneumatic short hose used for connection to air tank reservoirs on trucks /lorries and other air operated equipment
Can be used to connect air tanks or test point to inflate and release air brakes
Made for inflating air-tanks on disabled vehicle, ideal for low loaders and recovery vehicles
Or if vehicles left in drive and the vehicle
Loses its air (stuck in gear )